Donate A Car To Charity: Car Donations? Giving Back to Society

20 Apr

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There are numerous ways of giving back to the society especially to underprivileged members in the community. Some of these groups accept car donations but they only give a small portion back to the needy. This is the reason why we are always reminded to select a trustworthy organizations. These groups are sure to give a huge portion of your donation where it really matters. If the proceed of your car doesn’t benefit the underprivileged then it defeats the purpose of the gesture behind donating cars. What you must do to be able to pick the right organization is study the industry and select the one with reputation. You can check these organizations online or in government offices. Government websites list reputable non-profit organizations that you can choose to donate your cars. Picking from the list will also benefit you later on.


If car donations help the community’s underprivileged members, you as the original owner of the asset get to benefit from this practice too. It is because the government recognizes the gesture behind donating cars. Car donors are awarded tax breaks when they donate their vehicles to reputable and government recognized non-profit organizations. Individuals who donate their cars to charity are allowed to use the amount of the proceeds as tax deductible. However the amount deductible would depend on the charity. If the charity was able to sell your vehicle at fair market value, you can use that as the amount deductible. However, if the car is sold below the FMV, whatever that price is, the amount to be deducted should not exceed that amount.

In conclusion, donating cars to charity is one of the sensible ways to dispose old cars because you get to help the underprivileged in your community. It helps the underprivileged and it also benefits you as the donor.–Car-Donations–Helping-Yourself-and-the-Needy

Giving away used or old vehicles to charity is one benevolent way of disposing old clunkers in our garages. We can always sell our cars back to the market but auctioning vehicles is quite complex and you will not always get the amount you want for your car. Giving them to a charitable group or a needy family is more advantageous because you get to help the poor plus you can also benefit from the tax deductions provided by the law. By following the guide set by the IRS, you can profit from the rewards provided by the government to would-be donors. Below are tips on how to make the process much smoother. Remember that this is just an overview, if there are questions regarding the matter, you can ask an expert in car donation.

Appraise Your Vehicle
To get the maximum benefit from donating your vehicle to the needy, get the right appraisal for your car. Consult experts in car donation regarding appraisers in your area. Be sure that they are qualified to avoid uncertainty later on. Be sure to get the right fair market value. The FMV of your vehicle is the value you are going to use when you give it to the needy.
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Follow the Guide Set by the IRS
The IRS has come up with new regulations regarding car donation. You need to follow the updated guideline to avoid raising questions later on. One of the rules is that, you are allowed to deduct up to $500 if the value of the car is $500 or below. For $500 and up, the proceeds of the vehicle (not the FMV) will be used if the charity decides to auction the car. But if the charity will use the vehicle for its operation instead of selling it, the FMV will automatically be deductible value. To know more about the guidelines by the IRS, read the Donor’s Guide to Vehicle Donations published by the IRS. You can also approach an expert in car donation to get more vital inputs.
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Keep Important Documents and Records
Finally, it is also important to keep all important documents. This is so you will have something to present if questions regarding the paperwork arise. It is very important that you have an acknowledgement from the charity because this will serve as the basis for your calculation.


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